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C-U's · Letter · Boxing

My first Letterbox for me to place : )

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Clue’s for Ode to Skating

Intro: The clues following may seem intimidating, they are actually quite easy, may I recommend a few web sights:


BTW read ALL of the clues, for there may be clues in the clues. Have fun!!!

1. For a righty if you are about to do an axle jump, what is your take-off direction and edge?

2. How many revs are in a double axle?

3. In order, what are the ISI basic skating levels?

4. Who competed in the men’s Figure Skating event in the 2006 Olympics who had also studied at the U of I?

5. Who came in 6th in the Women’s figure Skating event in the 2006 Olympics?

• Take the number of letters in each answer (with the exception of #2 which is a number) and alter them as follows:

#1- divide by 2 for the number of words in the answer
#2- is already a number just round up for the difficulty
#3- divided by 3 (the number of sessions it took me to complete all the basic levels)
#4- subtract 7 for his final placing in the 2006 Olympics
#5- add 16 for the age she was when competing at the Olympics in 2006

• Now take all of the numbers and add them together

• Now divide that number by the number of questions asked (5) and round up

• Now go to the north east corner of the Ice Arena in Champaign-Urbana and divide your number by 2, count that number of doors from the corner heading south. Walk up the steps towards that door and look in the bush north of you.

• Now go skating (there are calendars inside that give you open skate times)

Have much fun and don’t break a leg (you need both for skating) 
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