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letterbox event

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So here is the account of Saturday 18.3.06 which I spent 6 hours away from c-u in Clear Lake, Indiana. Why did my mum and I go all the way out there? For a letter boxing event on bookbinding. What is letter boxing? Try looking at these two sites...

Drive there
• We got on the road about a half hour late, I was driving because mum’s not really an early morning person, but after about two hours I NEEDED food, so mum and I switched places. After Sudoku puzzles and sleep I found out that mum was lost, so we ended up being even later than we had so planed.

Stab binding with Acorn
• So by the time we got there we had missed ‘book binding 101’ and were already on to stab binding with Acorn, we were learning the tortes shell stitch. Acorn was so nice and patient, but I had to feel bad watching her run around so much because we were all getting ahead of her, sorry Acorn, the instruction books you made were just do pretty we just couldn’t help reading them. Once I got the first stitch the rest really just fell into place, mum had a bit of trouble with it though, sorry mum.

Button hole stitch with Boot Prints
• After stab binding we moved right onto the button hole stitch with boot prints :). She already had much experience with teaching and it showed. She came with a lot of her personal work, it was quite inspiring. In her lesson she kept us all moving step by step together by holding the instructions from us till the end. This was one of my favourit bindings I made and I used the book I made as a log book for the event.
• At the end some of us decorated our books with beads (me!) while others of us looked at the books boot prints had made and brought along with her (mum).

Lunch & Stamp exchange
• Well there was Veggie food, but it was all raw. All the same I did eat quite well. When we were all done eating we spent time estranging stamps. Since I had forgotten my log book! I had to use one of the books I had made that day.

Altered books with Dog Lovers
• After we were... um... sort of done trading stamps dog lovers started teaching us how to make altered books. Altered book is were you take an old books and do two things to them, one you turn the back of the book into a cubby hole to hide a stamp in, and two you put pretty paper and decorations in the front to make a log book. We all got a pre-prepared book to alter, mine was green, then we blindly chose and envelope which we later learned held our subject (pictures or words to decorate our log book) I got poems. It was quite difficult for us to not read our books, especially mum who got a book titled “The Methuselah Enzyme” and it had to do with everything from weather or not Bloody marys’ were a multivitamin or not to roomers about sex! Mum just couldn’t help reading it out loud.

Coptic stitch with Boot Prints
• Spring Chick was supposed to teach us this one but had to miss the workshop due to a personal loss. Due to this boot prints took over, the only problem was that she did the stitch differently than spring chick, so we all sort of made it up as we went along and had fun (well almost all of us)

The Drive Home
• The sun was setting and we were driving west, but soon we got out of it. After we got on the interstate and mum started to fall asleep I took over driving. I was really nice and we even go to some nice chatting in which we don’t normally do.
• All in all it was a great day.
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